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Early praise report: I have beat the plateau in less than a week I'm down 3lbs. I was working out before joining the group but I could loose any more weight, but the change in my diet and workouts has made such a difference already. Christine Wilson thank for showing me how to eat right and workout harder.

Kendra Rainey
Location: Washington Heights, Maryland
Service: 12 Week Online Transformation Program- Virtual Training


OMG What an amazing gem you are Christine. I don't know how our paths have never crossed before. Thank you for spending the time to Listen to y sisters issues, her challenges and her obstacles. The knowledge you shared with us today will play a huge roll in her goals moving forward. The misconceptions and conflicting advice is so overwhelming, thank you for providing the right advice, program and products for her specific needs. You are an inspiration to us and many others. We are so so so looking forward to working with you on this amazing journey.......luv you!!!

Delena Wint
Service: Online Training Services and In-Person Shopping with client
Location: Scarborough, Ontario


I am proud to be a member of Team Stallion.  Not only does Christine offer a wealth of fitness, health and wellness knowledge, the support base and motivation from her, as well as the other members of Team Stallion is what truly makes her fitness approach unique, beneficial and achievable.  Whether you are wanting to improve at the gym, or improve via home ... Christine and Team Stallion is where you want to be.

Rachel Allen
Location: Weyburn, Saskatchewan

Service: Virtual Online Training


Today has been 5 weeks since I’ve started Drop It Like A Squat At Home Exercising. Christine provides daily motivating training tips that make a seemingly impossible feat, something actually attainable. I know I wouldn’t be doing as well without Christine’s motivation; she’s taught me how to eat clean as well. Her long term nutrition guide has also been a huge help along the way. The guide is very easy to understand, with a variety of foods to choose from. I’ve learned not to care about what the scale says and she’s taught me to listen to my body. Bottom line, I know I couldn’t do this without Christine.

Jody Plasa
Location: Allentown, Pennsylvania

Service: Virtual Online Training

I saw many post for a trainer by the name of Lady Spartan. I was nervous before contacting her because I didn't know if I would see change within myself. So one day I see a post from one of her clients who had a c section and had awesome success with Lady Spartan and that one picture was all I needed to see. I was excited to start my journey as Stallion. First I just want to say I can see her passion and mission behind her work and success stories. She is very helpful I had so many questions for her and she answered each and everyone with no hesitation. It has been a little over 3 weeks and my results are fantastic. I never depended on a scale but when I compared my before picture with my current I knew she was serious business. My meal plan is perfect I don't have to guess what to eat or how much. I am beyond satisfied with virtual online training and look forward to working with her to create a better me.

Chantya Greenwell
Location: Maryland

Service: Meal Plan and Workout

I hired Lady Spartan Wilson as my personal trainer to help tone my body. As an actor, I have a busy and sometimes unpredictable schedule, and needed something convenient, my home. On the nice days we enjoyed the greenery and worked outside. When it rained, we worked inside. Bottom line, SHE WORKED ME! Because I followed her plan, within a couple of weeks, I saw noticable results. Eat clean and train mean. It was worth every dollar!!! ps - she's not a mean trainer; she has a nice spirit and is pleasant to be around.

Diane Johnston
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Service: One-on-One Personal Training

I truly recommend Stallion Fitness's service. Whether you are a fitness competitor or just trying to loose those last 10lbs, Christine's service is there to help. The meal and workout plan are easy to follow. And post of all, Christine is there to help and motivate you to reach your goal! She is the best!!

Christine Lim
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Service: Online Virtual Training

13 weeks ago I decided to prep for my first bikini competition!! I had no clue what to eat and when to carb/water deplete.. I did some research and I came across Christine Wilson 's kijiji add that outlined all the services she provides for competition prepping.. I messaged her and hired her right away... I am 4 weeks out from my competition now and it's the hardest thing iv ever had to do mentally and physically!! I am so lucky to have found Christine Wilson because even though I live 7 hours north from her she was with me every step of the way!! she returned my e mails and phone calls right away and kept me motivated.. each week she would message me, how do you feel? How are you looking? What are your concerns?.. I recommend anyone to work with Christine who would like to compete or just get healthy/fit in general because she actually cares if you reach your goal! Thanks for all your help Christine!! I wouldn't have gone this far without you.

Jennifer Schultz
Location: Kirkland, ON
Services: Virtual Online Training and Bikini Competitor

Before I officially started working with LadySpartan I was a huge fan of hers. She is a woman with drive, passion and a heart of gold. Coming to her was the best thing for me and I'm so glad I did! She is very supportive but doesn't let you slack off either! I love that! Working with her online is great because we get to speak daily and she's always available when you need her. LadySpartan has a passion for health and fitness and as SOON as you start working with her you will know.

Tiffany Lee
Location: Washington, DC
Service: Online training

I can not find the words to describe how amazing , dedicated and supportive Lady Spartan is. I've been working with Lady Spartan and Team Stallion for 5 months. I competed in a figure competition July 21st, 2013. This show was by far the best I've ever looked all because of Lady Spartan.. There were days and this does happen to the best of us you just want to give it up boy all I can hear in my head is the voice of Lady S saying why?? you've come this far girl.. let's go!! Thank you Lady Spartan and Team Stallion!!

Millicent Prince
Location: Pickering, Ontario
Service: One on One Training.

Most people think that because they are certified to do something that makes them good at what they do, however I beg to differ. It takes a certain type of person to be a coach. Christine harnesses great passion for what she does! She gives you 100%-all of the time. She does NOT sugar coat anything-she will give it to you straight. you will either love her for it or hate her for it. I love her for it!

If you are willing to listen and take heed to what she says, you will see results. Regardless to if you are near or far, work out at a gym or in the comfort of your home, I guarantee that she will do her part. YOU must follow through and do your part. She is one of my biggest supporters. She has not only given me the tools I need to succeed-she has also become one of my dearest friends. She will push you and push you-when you feel like you have nothing left. When you don't believe in yourself-she will believe in you and pretty soon-YOU START TO BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! Christine is on Fire! She is passionate and devoted to helping others live a healthy life! It doesn't matter if you want to lose 20lbs, compete-or just look healthy and lean! She will work with you! Christine "Lady Spartan" Wilson truly is a force to be reckoned with and I can NOT wait to see Stallion Fitness grow over time!


Christine Wilson is a force of nature. This beautiful, gentle soul has the ability and strength to ignite and empower those who quite frankly need a Swift Kick in the butt. This is a woman who lives her life with passion and she’s unapologetic about it, inspiring those to speak their truth and just be “Real”. Not only is she a Supernova in the realm of fitness, but her passion for Clean eating is so contagious, in fact, I’ve been juicing on a regular basis using some of her recipes and I haven’t looked back ever since. Thank you Christine from the bottom of my heart, for allowing me to guide and share in your Journey with you to greatness.

Abby McDonald, Life Coach

Sometimes you are blessed to meet people who have the heart of an angel..I was blessed to connect with with one on a deeper level today.I need to let Christine Wilson know how very much I appreciate her from the bottom of my heart.It's amazing how much compassion,love and of course wisdom,God has packed inside one person.I have been having some struggles emotionally lately and she read a comment I wrote and became concerned,requested my phone number and called me Wow... still full of gratitude because for the 3 people on Facebook who don't know she lives in another COUNTRY!!! Sometimes we have friends that live 15minutes away and they won't pickup the phone and check on you when you're hurting.It just go's to show that GOD's angel's come from all over the world and they're always on time, showing up when you need them most.Thanks sweetie once again for being you.

Janice Boyd
Location: Chicago, IL
Services: Virtual Online Training

So I did the 'How low can you go' workout in your e-book and all I can say is WOW! I can NOT feel my legs or glutes!!! It was a fun workout! I could barely walk up the stairs when I finished. The workouts are NO JOKE and not for sissy's! I know that THESE workouts will get me the results that I want!!! And for the record-I CAN GO LOW! I might sweat, bitch, and moan but I got it done! BOOM!

Heather Thompson
Location: Chicago, IL
Service: Team Stallion Member/ Purchased E-Book

How about: We smiled, we laughed, we probably even argued, and we definitely disagreed on things, but you helped me through it all....I must say- I LOVE this Woman!! I can't imagine going through this transition without her! If you want quick results with a touch of love and a personable trainer she's the one!

Pat McGee
Location: Fairbanks, Alaska
Service: Virtual Online Training

Thanks for inviting me to Team Stallion. I am so looking forward to this journey! While on the subject - I want to thank you for being so professional... your thoroughness and efficiency is appreciated! Looking forward to our journey... xxx — with LadySpartan Wilson. AKA Christine Wilson

Michelle Hadlow
Location: Johannesburg, Gauteng
Service: Virtual Online Training

Sometimes we all need help and direction in life. Need help going forward, lose weight, can't find your passion or direction? Please message my friend and life coach LadySpartan Wilson. She's straight up real life and knows her stuff. Very reasonable price too. She's helping me now Balance life, business, personal goals. She rocks!!! Nonjudgmental wants to help. — with LadySpartan Wilson.

Cathy Lee
Location: Houma, Louisiana
Services: Online Virtual Life Coaching

This past weekend I competed at the IDFA, I placed fifth in Novice Figure .I must say that this show was a personal best for me, I have my coach and friend Lady Spartan, Team Stallion!!who supported me from the start!! I can not find the words to describe this girl, You are the bomb! To all the wonderful people I meet at the show who were very encouraging and supportive ,I truly thank you all and finally my family, Geez i put them through hell and back during my weeks of prep!! but you guys still keep me focused and on track.

Millicent Sandy Prince
Location: Pickering, Ontario
Services: One-on One Personal Training and Competitive Training

Thanks for guiding me through this comp prep! You always responded so quickly to all of my questions! I also liked how you would listen to my suggestions along the way for switching up diet/training and being flexible with that. Thank you :)!

Lorna Perozzo
Location: Mississauga, Ontario
Services: Online Virtual Training/Competitor

Thanks LadySpartan Wilson for the meal and workout plan. I had to put my weight belt into the last new hole I put in it. Your meal and workout plan along with my regular workout had produced dramatic results.

Hondra Lee
Location: Dallas, Texas
Service: Online Virtual Training

Started LadySpartan Wilson meal plan and exercise plan. My whole body is sore. But those who know me know that I love it when my body is worked to the limit. Check her out and try her workout routines. You'll be glad you did.

Hondra Lee
Location: Dallas,Texas
Service: Online Virtual Training

Just wanted to give you a special shout out topped with a great big ole hug. I love that you're so interactive. I love how every time I have a question, no matter how minute, you take the time to respond, and even if you're busy at the moment you let me/us know that you''ll get back with us AND you follow through. Keep doing your thing Lady. You have a lot of folks out there who get excited to see your post and I'm one of them. Your works aren't in vein. I have all the information you've sent me saved on my desktop, as well as printed out and placed in a binder. I just felt compelled to tell you that this morning. God's instructions perhaps. Blessings to all your current and future endeavors.

Keisha Harris-Thomas
Location: Atlanta, GA
Service: Online Virtual Training

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!! Just got my Ebook and its totally awesome .... Getting tight for Puerto Rico trip!! Drop it like squat .. Yes, yes... Excited

Patricia Green
Location: Hughesville, Maryland
Service: Purchased E-Book

I've been using the eating plan and I am down 10lbs! Thank you!

Ahuman Person
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Service: Nutrition Plan

Good morning, LadySpartan! I've been charting our progress. I must say that Im pleased in the direction that you have me going in.
June 8th: 244 lbs@31.1%
June 21st: 237.2@29.6%
June 28th: 240.@29.9%
July 4th: 234.1@29.2%
July 12th: 234.1@29.3%
July 19th: 228.5@28.4%

Stallion Fitness ROCKS!!!!!

London Thomas
Location: Chicago, IL
Service: Online Virtual Training

Thank you for helping me get my body right. You are a great trainer and friend to me. You always believe in me. I'm down 24 pounds babe.

Monty Lewis
Location: Bronx, NYC
Service: Online Virtual Training

5 degree! Only 5 degree. And it was 20 degree before starting your program! The doctor said, I've almost overcame my "scoliosis".
I owe you forever

Muhammad Sadeq Talebinezhad
Location: Iran
Service: Online Personal Training

Thanks for all your encouragement sweetheart! You are a wonderful lady an never selfish with advice to help others get on the right track!!! I'll be on this diet as of today so wish me luck!! I look forward to working with you in the near by future XOXO!!!

Ginger Charles
Location: Toronto, Canada
Services: Nutrition

LadySpartan, even though we have never met, you inspire me every day to be my absolute best, and more importantly, not to give a crap about what others think. I know you have been going through a lot of crap lately, but know that there are people that respect and are inspired by you. Thank you.

Brian Smith
Location: Toronto, Canada
Service: Coaching

I thank LadySpartan sooo much! Have not ever met u hope to one day, but she has helped a lot of us! I started working out more than ever because of her motivation!! Thank you Lady, I speak for all...God bless you.

Avisangelndizgize Hemingway
Location: Nassau, New Providence
Service: Online Virtual Training

It has already been a pleasure working with Christine. She is professional, relatable, motivational, thorough and believes in her clients. She not only teaches, she continues to improve WITH us. I look forward to great transformations that she has in store for me.

Loving Team Stallion

Thelma Stone
Mountain, GA
Online Training Program

When you workout at home, keeping things challenging isn't always easy. So it's LadySpartan Wilson E-book, Squat Like It's Hot, to the rescue. LOVE IT! Check out her page, check out the E-book!

Angela Bryant
Location: Columbia, MD
Service: Purchased Exercise E-Book

After my second child my weight remained at 200lbs i gave up and thought there was no way out. i did not want to use weight loss programs as i wanted the weight to be gone permananetly. i hired christine as a personal trainer and it has been one of my best decesions regarding my health. Christine is by far one of the best personal trainers i have had she provided me with nutritional advice, excellent workouts! and she is an amazing person. my journey with christine has been amazing and i have reached my weightloss goals and have i am now weighing 150lbs thanks to christine and her caring dedication service.

Deborah Myer
Location: Mississauga, Ontario
Service: One-on-One Personal Trainer